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Sydney Restumping & Underpinning is a reputable team of expert builders who specialise in underpinning and foundation repairs. We’re dedicated to maintaining the structural integrity of your homes through resin injection underpinning techniques that lift and realign your foundations.

Our resins meet top-quality standards, ensuring enduring stability for your property. Furthermore, we’ve handled a variety of projects, from lifting sinking concrete panels to restoring heritage-listed properties.

If you’re noticing ground movement or cracked walls in your home, we’re your first port of call for reliable solutions. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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What is Resin Injection Underpinning?

Resin injection underpinning is a method of foundation repair where we inject expanding resin into the ground surrounding your home’s foundation. This resin strengthens and stabilises the soil, addressing soil movement or erosion issues.

Our method is quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly, causing minimal disruption to your home. It’s like reinforcing the ground beneath your property, ensuring your foundation remains stable for many years ahead. If you’re in Sydney and need support with your foundations, we’re here to help.

Why Choose Us for Resin Injection?

Here are the main reasons to choose us:

Expert Knowledge

We're certified builders with an extensive background in underpinning and foundation repairs. Our expertise spans from lifting sinking concrete panels to restoring heritage-listed Sydney homes.

No Disruption

Our discreet approach guarantees little interference to your home. We avoid creating large, unsightly pits, ensuring a clean and simple process.

Latest Technology

We employ the newest technology to provide first-rate foundation repairs. Our resin is designed to Australian standards, guaranteeing reliable, long-term results.

Foundation Problems We Address

Below are the foundation challenges we address:

Wall Cracks

Cracks in your walls can be a sign of significant foundation issues, which might compromise your home's safety. Our team tackles this issue by strengthening the foundation, reducing the chances of further movements leading to wall cracks.

Sinking Concrete

Dipping concrete panels can lead to uneven surfaces and structural complications. Our team excels in elevating and securing these panels with our resin injection underpinning, ensuring your property stays stable and level.

Home Subsidence

Home subsidence frequently arises from moving or eroding soil, causing the house to settle unevenly. At Sydney Restumping & Underpinning, we address subsidence using our specialist resin injection underpinning, restoring your home's stability.

Signs of Structural Issues in Your Home

Below are vital signs indicating structural problems in your property:

  • Uneven Floors: If your floors begin to dip, sag, or appear unlevel, it could signal a foundational issue. This might result from soil movement underneath the foundation or issues with the property’s support structures.
  • Cracks in Walls or Ceilings: A staircase pattern of cracks can indicate that your property’s foundation is shifting or settling unevenly. While minor vertical cracks may be common due to the house settling, larger or irregular cracks require attention.
  • Doors and Windows That Stick: If doors and windows in your home start becoming difficult to open or close, it often points to a shifting foundation. Such a movement can warp the frame, causing doors and windows to misalign.

Top Resin Injection Underpinning Services in Sydney

Here are the resin injection underpinning services we provide to Sydney residents:

Residential Properties

At Sydney Restumping & Underpinning, we help homeowners in preserving their most valuable assets. Using our resin injection underpinning, we maintain the structural soundness of your home, ensuring long-lasting stability.

Commercial Properties

For commercial property owners, we offer reliable and speedy underpinning solutions. We aim to minimise disruption, ensuring uninterrupted operations while reinforcing your building's foundation.

Industrial Environments

Our expertise also spans industrial settings. Recognising the essential need for a sturdy foundation in industrial areas, we provide bespoke underpinning services to ensure the safety and efficiency of your facility.